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Audiomastering für deine CD Produktion bei DEINE.CD

Analog shine or radical sound boost?

We offer extensive support and various services at reasonable flat rates, so that you can keep track of your costs every step of the way. This applies not only to our core CD duplication service, but to everything else we do – in the case of audio mastering, from simple DDP creation to full-service analog audio mastering, where we bring your music to a level suitable for radio and add a professional, final sheen to your songs.

The audio mastering service can also be booked without having your CD duplication done with us. This service will be charged differently depending on your requirements. Still have questions? Then simply contact us by phone or e-mail. We are looking forward to talking with you! And please note: For mastering when doing CD duplication with us via our online configurator, you must also specify the number of tracks in the configurator.

No matter if analog shine as a finishing touch or a radical sound boost, our studio can handle it all. With us, your project is in good hands – and ears!


4 / Track
  • Basic mastering is a fundamental service at an unbeatable price for those who have not had their tracks mastered in a professional mastering studio and want to be sure that everything comes out perfectly on CD. By the way, the tracks are also optimized for streaming 😉
  • Conversion to final audio format (44.1 kHz - 16 Bit)
  • High quality sample conversion
  • Clip control, removal of true peak overs
  • Normalization of average loudness of tracks between each other (int. LUFS)
  • Increase of overall loudness, if there's still headroom

Basic+ Mastering

15 / Track
  • This service is primarily intended for voice recordings. In addition to the Basic Mastering, the titles are not only adjusted in volume, but also in sound. Typical examples are audio books that have been produced over a longer period of time, e.g. with different equipment, at different locations, etc.
  • Basic Mastering with extras:
  • Automated removal of background noise, hiss, etc.
  • Adjustment, normalization of the sound of titles/chapters between each other
  • On request, delivery of data with Audible specifications

Analog Premium Mastering

50 / Track
  • Last but not least, our premium mastering package is classic analog mastering. Here, everything that software and hardware have to offer is brought together to fine tune the sound until your mixes shine like new. Analog mastering for such a low price is tough to find, and we are proud to be able to offer it. Our studio is suited up with equipment from such classic brands as API, Chandler, KNIF, BURL, Shadowhills, etc.
  • Basic Mastering with extras:
  • Mix analysis
  • Analog mastering
  • Desired target loudness
  • Fades
  • Delivery of data for CD & streaming
  • 2 revisions included

We also offer:

Streaming Option

89 (available soon)
  • We bring your music to all popular streaming services - worldwide
  • Adapting your artwork for digital marketing
  • Use of our label code and technical processing
  • Annual payout of your licenses

Your music is close to your heart and you want to make it available to as wide an audience as possible. In addition to tangible mediums like CD and vinyl, streaming platforms are, in this modern age, almost a requirement!

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With us you will find aesthetic solutions without a lot of noise. Creative ideas with vision and added value are just as important to us as functionality and authenticity – convince yourself!

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