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Here you will find answers to the most common questions that our customers ask us on the phone. Maybe you’ll find yourself in them and can clear up some of the questions.

If all else fails, you are also welcome to ask us personally. We are available by mail to support@deine.cd or on the phone +49 30 20625450.

How do I send you my songs?

There are several ways. The easiest is to use our upload page. If you have very large amounts of data (e.g. DVD images) then just send us the data via our WeTransferchannel. It is also possible to send us a master CD by mail. You live near us in Berlin or Münster? Then you can also just bring your data to us. We are open Monday-Friday from 9-17 o'clock.

What format should my songs have?

The ideal format would be the master as a DDP image, but ISO or Nero Image are also possible. You can also send us the songs as a master CD by mail. In this case, please deliver your "master" in a jewel case/plastic packaging to avoid damage during transport. It is also possible to send us the songs as wave/aiff/mp3 files. In this case we create the master for you. You should then select the option "Create master" in the configuration.

Do there have to be pauses between the songs?

No, they don't have to, but they can. Titles can merge into each other. This happens quite often, e.g. on DJ mix CDs or concert recordings. If you want us to create the master for you, talk to us about whether we should insert breaks between the songs or not.

What is CD TEXT or the Gracenote database entry?

CD TEXT contains album title, song title and artist/band name. This information is stored in the TOC (table of content) of the CD. Most CD players read this CD text, some computer players like iTunes do not. Here an entry in the Gracenote database helps.

Can we upload images to the Gracenote entry?

No, this is not possible.

Why doesn't my computer recognize my CD text?

iTunes/other players do not read the CD text, but identify a CD by the number of tracks and the total length and assign it to a corresponding entry in the Gracenote database.

What format should my video have?

For a video DVD a Video_TS folder is ideal. You can send it to us zipped or as an ISO image. Creating a Video_TS folder from MP4 file(s) is NOT ideal, as the image quality will suffer from the transcoding.

How do the graphic templates work?

The PDFs of the artwork can be imported into any popular graphics program. When imported at 300 DPI they are original size and can be used like a template. Just put images, photos, fonts over it, delete the template at the end, export the rest as PDF - done.

In which format should I send the graphics?

It is best to send graphics as PDFs with 300 DPI resolution and if possible convert/embed the fonts into curves. Make sure that CMYK is selected as the color profile and that the black level does not exceed 300%. If you have any questions, please contact our graphic designer Anke grafik@deine.cd.

I don't have a graphic yet, don't know anyone who does or just want it to look really professional!

In that case you can just let us create the complete layout. Text and pictures/photos you send us and then we create an artwork according to your ideas.

How exactly does the ordering of my CD/DVD work?

At DEINE.CD you can get your professionally produced CDs or DVDs quickly and easily.

  1. In the "CD Configurator" select the desired medium (CD or DVD), quantity, printing colors, packaging, etc.
  2. Then click on "Next" and enter your delivery/invoice address.
  3. Carefully check the order summary again and edit it if necessary.
  4. Finally click on "Place order"
    You will automatically receive an order confirmation/invoice by email from us. This will also contain our account information. 
  5. If there is music on the CDs, the GEMA form must be filled out and sent/faxed to GEMA. For a small surcharge, we also take care of the GEMA processing - simply select in the CD configurator. We are not allowed to deliver copied CDs without a release notice from GEMA. It doesn't matter if the tracks are your own, not registered with GEMA, or if they are subject to GEMA. You can find more information about this in the GEMA part of the FAQs below.
  6. Transfer the total amount via bank transfer or PayPal and upload your data. Alternatively, you can send us your CD/DVD to be duplicated by mail, together with any print data/layouts on another CD-ROM or DVD.
  7. After we have received your payment and checked your data, the CDs will go into production and - assuming GEMA delivery approval - will be shipped within approx. 7-8 business days. In case of larger editions or options such as shrink-wrapping, the production can also be extended by approx. 1-2 days.
  8. When the CDs/DVDs are shipped you will receive a mail with tracking link and you can track where your package is and when it will be delivered. We ship with UPS, i.e. after 2 shipping days at the latest your package will be delivered.

You are in a hurry?

Great, we are very fast. We can produce and ship virtually any combination of packaging and CDs/DVDs within 1-3 days. Just add the express option in the configurator and also think about express shipping if you can't pick up the CDs. Be sure to let us know when you want the CDs/DVDs to arrive. We will be happy to help you meet this deadline and maybe even save you money on express shipping.

I need the CDs urgently, but I haven't received a delivery authorization yet...

There are 2 possibilities: If we take over the handling, we will send the CDs out before. Or send us the signed license application and the copyright declaration (scanned by mail is enough), so that we can check the application and send it from us to GEMA.

Do I have to start a company/register a business to have CDs duplicated?


I don't understand many things, it's too complicated for me...

No problem, send us an email or call us directly. You can reach us Monday-Friday from 9-17 o'clock.

I am not from Germany, why do I have to take care of the GEMA?

  1. If you are not a member of a collecting society and you either pick up your CDs from us or we send them to an address in Germany, you have to fill out the form "License application sound carrier" or "License application special production".
  2. If you are a member of another collecting society and you either pick up your CDs from us or we send them to an address in Germany, you have the choice to either fill out the "License Application for Phonograms" or "License Application for Special Productions" or to send us a corresponding production notification from the collecting society you are a member of (e.g. Astro Mechana/SUISA).
  3. Regardless of whether you are a member of a collecting society, if we send your CDs to an address outside of Germany, we need the production notification from a collecting society in that country. That is for example SUISA in Switzerland, Astro Mechana in Austria, ASCAP or BMI in the USA, MCPS or PRS in England, etc.

Are my songs automatically registered with GEMA when I have CDs duplicated?


Why do I have to fill out the GEMA form at all, what is the point of GEMA processing? I am not registered with GEMA.

Every company that produces CDs has to register a CD production. In the event that songs are reproduced whose composers are GEMA members, GEMA fees must be paid accordingly, which are supplied to these artists. Even if you are not a member of GEMA, you must fill out this application, after all, cover songs, for example, GEMA fees would be due. Based on the information you provide on the license application, GEMA will check whether fees are due. There are no GEMA fees if the composers of the songs are not GEMA members.

I have already had a CD produced and had to fill out this GEMA application. Am I now a GEMA member?

No. You are not a member until you have signed the "Entitlement Agreement" and received a GEMA number.

I don't want to have any music on the CDs, I just want to have them printed or have data copied onto them. Do I still have to fill out the GEMA application?

In this case: NO. Just fill out our copyright form and send it to us signed.

If you take over the processing, are any GEMA fees (e.g. for cover tracks) included?

No. The fee is only due for the work involved in the processing. In this case, GEMA fees would be incurred, which GEMA would charge you directly.

Two months ago, we had CDs produced that also contain GEMA-required tracks, but we haven't heard anything from GEMA yet. Why?

It can take up to a year until you receive an invoice from GEMA.

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