Graphic Service

To make your work look really good...

Within the scope of a production with us, we offer the help you need: be it a free consultation, an adaptation of your print data, up to a complete layout / artwork creation. Depending on the scope, we offer different flat rates, which simplify the calculation.

Graphic services can also be booked independently of the project and will then be charged according to time and effort. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us 🙂


  • You will receive your high-resolution graphic data with cut and fold edges (PDF document) checked by us for print approval before we start production.
  • 1 revision included


  • For promotional use, we will provide you with high-resolution images with a demonstration model of the selected CD packaging with your design upon request.
  • 1 revision included

Adjustment A (basic)

  • Your delivered layout of individual pages put into the right format: color corrected, mounted, imposed and trimmed.
  • Softproof included
  • 1 revision included

Adjustment B (tall)

  • We add more texts and logos to your delivered layouts, change existing texts, exchange images and adjust colors. We vectorize elements for screen printing, put everything in order and coordinate it with your wishes.
  • Softproof included
  • 2 revisions included

Adjustment C (extended)

  • You have all the graphic and textual content ready, but not the technical requirements for assembling the layouts and creating printable data? You provide us with all the individual elements and an overview of the images and texts that are to be assembled on a page and we create the layouts according to your wishes.
  • Softproof included
  • 2 revisions included

Costs depends on pages:

Label: 69 €
Label + Cardboard: 139 €
Label + CD-Digipac/Digipac/Digisleeve 4p: 219 €
Label + CD-Digipac/Digipac/Digisleeve 6p: 249 €
Label + CD-Digipac/Digipac/Digisleeve 4p + Booklet up to 12p: 319 €
Label + CD-Digipac/Digipac/Digisleeve 4p + Booklet 16 up to 28p: 349 €
Label + CD-Digipac/Digipac/Digisleeve 4p + Booklet 32 up to 48p: 399 €
Label + CD-Digipac/Digipac/Digisleeve 6p + Booklet up to 12p: 349 €
Label + CD-Digipac/Digipac/Digisleeve 6p + Booklet 16 up to 28p: 399 €
Label + CD-Digipac/Digipac/Digisleeve 6p + Booklet 32 up to 48p: 449 €
Label + Booklet (up to 16p) + Inlaycard: 249 €
Label + Booklet (20 – 32p) + Inlaycard: 299 €

additional revision: 19 €

Print Templates

If you have created your artwork yourself, then play it safe and adapt your graphic into our print templates. Load the corresponding PDF and place it as the bottom layer in your graphics program. This way you can make sure that die cuts, fold marks and bleeds are in the right place.

Our Service

With us you will find aesthetic solutions without a lot of noise. Creative ideas with vision and added value are as close to our hearts as functionality and authenticity.

Anke Baugatz

Graphic designer

Anke has a good eye for the look of your CD.

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