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CD duplication with DEINE.CD allows you to easily and quickly configure your CD, DVD, vinyl pressing, with the best support at a fair price. Graphic services, GEMA processing & mastering packages on request.


Start now and click your way step by step through the possibilities of your production.


Preconfigured offers at a special price. Ideal for bands, wedding singers, artists, labels...


We offer you a full graphic service. Whether print adaptations or layout templates


The final touch for your music. With our analogue mastering we get the best out of your songs.

cd duplication at DEINE.CD - Why us?

DEINE.CD is your reliable service provider for everything related to your production – you can have your DVD, vinyl record or CD pressed with us. On request, you can also have Blu-Rays pressed by us. For over ten years we have been offering individual and customized products, whether for small promotional campaigns or pressings for worldwide distribution. We offer you an incredible variety of packaging options. No matter if you need 25 CDs or 1000 vinyl records: We are your contact for large and small run CD duplication. Our extensive configuration offers you an overview of common packaging options up to a print run of 300 pieces. Your product is not included or you need a higher edition? Then simply write to us via the contact form.

From 25 pcs

You get small series with us at a fair price. Whether as a band, for promotional items or as a gift.


Personal advice and help via chat, mail or phone
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Your masterpiece deserves it.
We produce exclusively on brand blanks.


From the recycled cardboard sleeve to the premium digipack with booklet and UV coating. We can offer a lot of varieties.


You have questions about a product or the process?
Read our FAQ and you get answers.

Product variety

The CDs, vinyl, DVDs or Blu-Rays are mainly packaged in cardboard packaging such as cardboard sleeves or cardboard pockets, digipacks (digipaks), digifiles or digisleeves. If desired, these can also be shrink-wrapped after the CD has been pressed. However, we are happy if this can be dispensed with in the interest of environmental protection. However, if the goods are transported frequently or are to be sold in the store, the CDs should be covered with a protective film. You need a special punch, a finishing like UV varnish, spot varnish or an embossing? A wrap-around fold is not enough for you, you need an altar fold or a digipack with fabric cover? No problem. We make almost everything with your CD duplication possible.

Just what you need -

You’ve spent the last months in the rehearsal room and studio and your baby is finally ready. In order for your fans to take the music home with them at your concerts, you need some CDs in a hurry. Yeah! Then our BAND DEAL is just the right thing for you.

You are a singer at weddings and need high quality promo items to fill your schedule for the year? We help you with the graphic realization and create your musical business card.

Save money with DEINE.CD Deals. Preconfigured products at an unbeatable price. 

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You only need a small edition/small series? We offer you professional quality products from a print run of 25 pieces. This is not only easy on the wallet, but also sustainable. What you don’t need doesn’t end up in the rubbish and you only get the number of CDs, DVDs or vinyl records you really need. In addition, our paper is FSC certified and comes from sustainable forestry. We also avoid unnecessary waste when shipping the goods. We recycle the filling material of our suppliers and avoid unnecessary plastic packaging as far as possible.

Graphic Services & Audiomastering

Do you need help with the creation of print data? From small tips to complete artwork by our experienced graphic designer, we offer you everything for the perfect presentation of your CD, DVD or vinyl.

The same goes for high-quality analogue mastering. In our professional recording studio, equipped with the latest hardware, we put the finishing touches to your songs. Because with us you can not only have your CD pressed – with us you get a full service offer from graphic design to audio mastering to the perfect CD, DVD or vinyl record, so that your production is a complete success.

Michael Garbsch

Audio Engineer

Micha takes care of the good sound of your production.

Grafikservice von DEINE.CD

Anke Baugatz


Anke has a good eye for the look of your CD.

Eric Richter

Telefon & Support

You can call Eric for any questions.

Michael Ascheberg


Michael is working in Berlin Pankow

Cullen Corley


Cullen handels the Promotion Deals.

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